Who are we?

We are a creative, pragmatic, passionate and dynamic production service offering in-house expertise, to

create tailor-made visual solutions. Through being based in Shoreditch, London we can easily access some

of the most innovative and creative talent in the UK.

We want to collaborate with you from the inception of the idea, consult, create and deliver a product that

makes you stand out.

What have we done?

With ten years’ worth of experience in film production, we know how to create compelling work, utilising

conventional industry expertise but with unconventional thinking.

Our rich experience includes exceptional film production, from storytelling short films to forwarding

thinking commercials, we have worked with some fantastic brands to produce inspiring, striking and

original content.

What are we great at?

  • Connection – we know the great people in this industry who have unique talents for a range of

    solutions, from high class professional products to more contemporary original work

  • Narrative – we want our work to tell a message, to bring your company to life in a way that

    resonates with your audience and provokes thought

  • Inclusivity – we aim to reflect the world we live in through the work we do. By embracing diversity

    we access a plethora of people and thought

  • Adaptable – from crowdfunded small projects to large corporate TV creations, we’re great at

    tailoring our energy and experience to your environment

  • Innovation – we want our work to be original and make an impact. We’ll look for ways to do things

differently to create eye-catching, thought-provoking, captivating products

How to work with us?

To get the best out of us, contact us when you’re nursing your ideas. We want to work

with you to help you fully realise your ideas, then crystalise and create them.

We’ll then bring in the resource, energy, passion and talent to make it happen.

Get in touch - email us on hello@fiksa.co.uk

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